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Get your font on with these re-imagined alphabet magnets. The Type Set Co.® has thoughtfully designed and crafted a new kind of letter board. Made especially for the style-conscious adult with a penchant for prose and an eye for the iconic, they are both versatile and effortlessly elegant. Use these sophisticated magnetic letter boards for everything from quotes and sentiments to reminders and lists wherever you are, throughout your home or office.


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Meet Ashley and Paul Jankowski, husband-wife co-founders of The Type Set Co.® Some would say they’re an entrepreneurial match made in heaven. The idea for the re-imagined alphabet magnets at the heart of The Type Set Co.® came to Ashley in the shower (where all great ideas happen) in late 2016. Never failing in his enthusiasm for Ashley’s hair-brained ideas, Paul tinkered his way to working out how to make it all happen.

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"Messages on the fridge are cuter than ever with these soft magnetic letters."

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