10 Of The Punniest Quotes For Graphic Designers

You might not know this about us, but our roots are in graphic design.

Before starting The Type Set Co., our co-founder, Ashley, was a full time designer with her own graphic design business. Her career in design, marketing, and creative services eventually led her to dream up what we now know as The Type Set Co.! And while manufacturing a product was a new endeavor for us (we like a challenge!), we know we have our graphic design background to thank for the idea of fun, colorful, modern letters and letter boards that look beautiful around your home and can even be used as decor!

No matter where our ideas and creativity take us, we will never stop loving good design. It’s in our blood. There’s just something so satisfying about a beautiful font, consistent hierarchy, and colors that compliment each other. Knowing how to design well is a gift and a talent. It takes intuition, trial and error, and some good problem solving skills too. Ultimately, it’s just not just about looking good; it’s about what the design communicates to the world.

We’re excited to get back to our roots and bring the best of both of our world’s together with 10  quotes for graphic designers. If you know and love a graphic designer or if you are a graphic designer, these are for you! These quotes are punny and nerdy and we hope they make you laugh as hard as they make us laugh… but you might have to be a graphic designer to appreciate them!

We hope you choose your favorites to use on your letter board. As a professional, we know your typesetting will turn out incredibly (but we’d also love to recommend picking up a Typsetting Toolkit from our shop for perfect kerning and line spacing!). 

Do you have a favorite punny graphic design quote or word (from the list below or another)? Design your letter board, post it to social media, and tag us so that we can see! Happy word-nerding.

  1. What the Helvetica?
  2. Crop it like it’s hot
  3. Help me, Adobe-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.
  4. Choose one: common sense or comic sans.  You cannot have both.
  5. Get with the times, New Roman
  6. Be bold or italic.  Never regular.
  7. I’m very font of you because you are just my type!
  8. Life isn’t always #000 and #FFF
  9. I shot the serif
  10. It’s fun to stay at the C.M.Y.K.

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