10 Perfectly Punny Quotes To Make Your Dad Proud On Father's Day

Ah, dad jokes. 

There’s nothing quite like them, are we right? We love puns, but dad puns are on a whole other level. Nothing makes our eyes roll more than hearing a cheesy dad joke. And we mean that in the best way possible. 

There are so many reasons we appreciate the dads in our lives. It’s not just for their jokes and sense of humor. We also appreciate their wisdom and advice, the life skills that they teach us, and that they have wide shoulders for us to lean on or cry on when we need it. The dads in our lives that we admire are strong and reliable, but not too stoic to crack a joke, wrestle around, or poke fun at themselves when needed. There’s nothing dads love more than roughhousing just before bedtime, throwing some burgers on the grill for dinner, or making us groan at their dad-isms

While not everyone has a traditional father, most of us have someone we look up to as a father-figure in our lives. Whether you have a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, pet dad, or plant dad, we bet that you have someone worth celebrating on this day! 

If you know a dad that deserves acknowledgement, be sure to call them, send them a card, or shoot them a thoughtful text today! They might not always wear their emotions on their sleeve, but we bet they’ll be grateful to know you’re thinking of them and appreciate the special role they fill in your life! 

While we know thinking of all the great things about your dad can make you feel emotional, we bet you also have lots of memories that make you laugh. In the spirit of dad jokes, we’ve put together 10 punny Father’s Day quotes for you and your dad to enjoy today. 

Dress up your letter board, kitchen fridge, or other magnetic surface and share them with your dad or anyone you know who appreciates a good dad joke! Then share your favorites with us on social media and be sure to tag us and your dad!

  1. Dad puns - that's how eye roll.
  2. You'll always be dad to the bone.
  3. Let’s taco bout how you’re an awesome dad.
  4. I mustache you how you got so cool.
  5. Dad, you’re a pretty fungi.
  6. You’re nacho average dad.
  7. Dad, I love you a latte.
  8. I know this is cheesy but you’re a grate dad.
  9. I think you’re punderful.
  10. You’re the punniest Dad around.

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