16 Letter Board Quotes To Use On Independence Day

Fireworks. Hot dogs. Cold beer. Will Smith fighting aliens. What do those words remind you of? If you said ‘college’ well then here’s to that! But what we were really going for is Independence Day of course!

This is a day we should be proud to celebrate. Despite the harsh realities we are all going through right now, some more intense than others, we feel it is important to reflect on the freedoms we do have and to remember all of the men and women who have sacrificed in order to bring us those freedoms. It truly is a gift that not everyone in the world has access to. 

We’ve dropped our favorite July 4th themed quotes below so you can show off your red, white, and blue pride in style on your letterboard. Happy Independence Day!

  1. Happy Birthday, America!
  2. ‘Merica!
  3. “...with liberty and justice for all.”
  4. Drink until you see stars and stripes!
  5. Party like it's 1776
  6. Red, white, and brew
  7. Party in the USA
  8. Too cool for British rule
  9. Rosé in the U.S.A.
  10. Sippin' on liber-tea.
  11. My heart beats red, white, and blue.
  12. Let freedom ring!
  13. Made in America
  14. Sweet land of liberty
  15. July 4th: It’s lit.
  16. Baby, you’re a firework