16 Letter Board Quotes To Use On Independence Day

Fireworks, hot dogs, cold beer. Throw in a hot grill, a day at the lake, and some sunshine and we think you’ve got yourself the perfect Independence Day celebration!

When we think of the 4th of July, the first thing that comes to mind is everything we associate with Summer. Heat, bathing suits, watermelon, loud music, running through the sprinklers, and maybe a neighborhood parade. Just the thought of Independence Day brings to mind idyllic Summer childhood memories.

Even as adults, this is a holiday that we love. When you combine Summer and a day off to spend with family and friends, we think you can’t go wrong! We’ll be the ones inviting over everyone we know, cooking on the grill, jumping in the lake during the heat of the day, and oohing and ahhing over the fireworks show at night.

Of course, the historical roots of Independence Day are important too and we always pause to think about why we celebrate this day. It’s important to reflect on the freedoms we have, the sacrifices that were made so we could have them, and the progress that is still being made. Freedom and independence should be rights for everyone, but in our world today, they’re gifts that not everyone has. So, while we’re eating hamburgers and lighting sparklers, let's remember what we’re really celebrating - the lifestyle that we get to live and the choices that are ours to make every day. 

To celebrate this 4th of July, we’ve put together 16 of our favorite Independence Day quotes to remind us of why this day is important and maybe also to have a little fun! Use them on your letter board to show off your red, white, and blue pride in style!

Happy Independence Day, friends!

  1. Happy Birthday, America!
  2. ‘Merica!
  3. “...with liberty and justice for all.”
  4. Drink until you see stars and stripes!
  5. Party like it's 1776
  6. Red, white, and brew
  7. Party in the USA
  8. Too cool for British rule
  9. Rosé in the U.S.A.
  10. Sippin' on liber-tea.
  11. My heart beats red, white, and blue.
  12. Let freedom ring!
  13. Made in America
  14. Sweet land of liberty
  15. July 4th: It’s lit.
  16. Baby, you’re a firework

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