17 Quote Ideas about Creativity

Does your mind run wild sometimes? Are you full of great, outlandish ideas? Do you love a good project that gets your creative juices flowing? I think we can all agree that the best novels ever written had to have required some sense of imagination, and the best inventions surely required some thinking outside of the box. We truly believe that the most inspired ideas come from the most creative minds so we say run wild with it! Art, music, writing, design--whatever it is that gets you going and lights a spark inside of you, we’re here for it!

Of course, we can’t all be bubbling over with creativity at all times. Sometimes we need to find inspiration or, counterintuitively, even add a little structure to our routine. Everyone feels inspired in different ways and in different settings. Maybe your creativity starts flowing when you get outside and take a hike. Or when you allow yourself to paint or draw with no end goal and no restraints. Or maybe it’s when you read a great book or look at someone else’s beautiful piece of art. Maybe your most inspired ideas happen when you simply turn off your phone or take some time to be by yourself. 

And let's keep in mind that creativity isn’t only about creating art in the traditional sense. In fact, it’s a scientific fact that one “creative personality” doesn’t exist. There is creativity behind every idea that has ever been imagined and every new invention, business, software, book, painting, ad campaign, or product that has ever existed. Creativity is about ingenuity. You can’t be creative without trying something new and usually without falling in the process. 

We want to give a shout out to all of our friends who are brave enough to pursue creativity. These 17 letter board quotes are to inspire you and help you explore all of the possibilities that are out there for you!

  1. Creativity is contagious.  Pass it on!
  2. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.
  3. Creativity is intelligence having fun!
  4. Creativity takes courage!
  5. You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
  6. Creative vibes
  7. “When it comes to art, its important not to hide the madness”
  8. In the midst of chaos, there is creativity
  9. Art is chaos taking shape
  10. The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt
  11. Great things never came from comfort zones
  12. Creativity is magic!
  13. Create the things you wish existed
  14. A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out.
  15. Art is the journey of a free soul
  16. Find the pigment of your imagination.
  17. Never invest in any idea you can't illustrate with a crayon.

17 Quote Ideas to Jumpstart your Creativity

Featured Image: 15x15 Magnetic Letter Board Slate in Navy Chalkboard and Soft Magnetic Letters in Rainbow Dream