17 Shamrockin' Letter Board Quotes For St. Patrick's Day

Isn’t it funny how we all become a wee bit Irish when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around? Even if you’re not Irish at all, in terms of family history, we all feel a little Irish pride during this shamrockin’ holiday!

Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is usually celebrated by drinking green beer while wearing green clothes, but how did this fun-loving holiday come about?

St. Paddy’s Day has been celebrated in Ireland for over 1000 years and it honors Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick has been a true part of Irish folklore and mythology with stories being shared about how he could transform himself into a deer, light magical fires that couldn’t be extinguished, and, perhaps the most famous story, that he drove all of the snakes in Ireland into the sea, where they drowned and were never seen in Ireland ever again. Sounds like a pretty cool guy who’s worth celebrating, if you ask us!

While we’d all love to spend St. Patrick’s Day on the streets of Dublin, watching the parade, singing traditional Irish songs, and drinking a pint of Guinness (or two!), when March 17th rolls around, we can really have a great time celebrating anywhere! It’s the day to cook up your favorite corned beef and cabbage and pour a few Irish brews. If you’re looking for a new way to celebrate, maybe try your hand at baking an Irish soda bread or put on some music and attempt an Irish jig!

Another way we love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? With puns, of course! Puns make every day better, but especially the holidays! That’s why we’re put together a list of 17 of our favorite fun, silly, and punny Irish-themed quotes for you to use on your letter board. Grab your favorite green letters, pick your favorite quote, and let’s have a wee bit of wordplay for our favorite Irish holiday! 

Cheers to you! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And sláinte!

  1. It ain’t over till it’s clover
  2. Feeling lucky?
  3. Let the shenanigans begin!
  4. Shamrocks and shenanigans for all!
  5. A wee bit Irish
  6. It's not easy being green
  7. Keep calm and leprechaun
  8. Lucky AF
  9. Getting lucked up on St. Patrick’s Day
  10. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, for Guinness sake!
  11. Take a pitcher. It'll last longer.
  12. Green beer & St. Paddy's cheer
  13. They’re always after me lucky charms
  14. Shamrocked
  15. Blarney & Malarkey
  16. I'm not Irish, but kiss me anyway.
  17. Who’s your Paddy?

17 Shamrockin' Letter Board Quote Ideas For St. Patrick's Day

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