25 Short & Sweet Letter Board Quote Ideas

We’ve always been big believers in “less is more.” Just how simple designs can stand out above the rest, fewer words, and resonate so much stronger than more. 

If you’ve got something you want to say, but are looking for just a few words to say it, we think we can help get your juices flowing. Keep reading for some ideas for short but sweet quotes for you to use on your letter board. These cute lil’ quotes are perfect for those of you who have one of our 15x15 letter boards so you can remember that it’s not all about the quantity of words… but the quality of your words.

Happy spelling.

  1. It’s nap o’clock.
  2. Bacon is bae.
  3. Rock the day away.
  4. I never finish anythi
  5. Share the good
  6. Olive you a lot.
  7. Stay weird
  8. Feelin’ myself.
  9. You’ve got this
  10. Anything is possible!
  11. You grow girl.
  12. Think happy thoughts
  13. You are my sunshine
  14. Welcome, y’all!
  15. Hello Beautiful!
  16. Happiness is homemade
  17. Hey, you matter!
  18. Don’t worry, Be happy
  19. Happy mind, happy life
  20. I woof you.
  21. Stay pawsitive!
  22. But first, coffee.
  23. Mmm... donuts.
  24. Save room for dessert!
  25. You are enough

25 Short and Sweet Letter Board Quote Ideas