A Toast to 27 Quote Ideas About Adult Beverages

Nothing tops off a hard work week quite like relaxing outside with your friends or family, on a couch in front of the boob tube, or even in bed with your favorite beverage. Wherever you prefer to sip to your success, you’ll receive no judgements from us. Only admiration and comradery. Besides, we’re 100% guilty of enjoying a drink or two in each of those places too. 

We’re not here to stop you from doin’ you. We’re simply here to say cheers, and share some of our favorite adult-beverage quotes with you!

Keep reading to see how you can honor your favorite wine, beer or liquor by sticking any of the quotes below on your letter board or another magnetic surface. The real winners here are those who have a magnetic wine fridge!

So what’s your favorite - wine, beer or liquor? Head on over to Instagram and tell us your favorite beverage! Happy happy-houring, and cheers to you.

  1. Heads I wine, tails you lose
  2. Playing to wine
  3. Instead of complaining, I just wine.
  4. Liquor might not solve all your problems, but it’s worth a shot!
  5. Beer cures what ales ya.
  6. Hoppy Octo-beer!
  7. Take a pitcher – it’ll last longer.
  8. “Sobriety” is not in my vodkabulary.
  9. Great minds drink alike!
  10. Life is brewtiful.
  11. Weekend forecast: 100% chance of beer!
  12. Sip sip hooray
  13. Make pour decisions
  14. You had me at merlot
  15. Always look on the bright cider life
  16. Chugs and kisses!
  17. Wish you were beer!
  18. Let the evening be gin
  19. Drink happy thoughts.
  20. Bourbon is liquid sunshine.
  21. Drink your bourbon neat, live your life messy.
  22. Roses are red, bourbon is amber.  Poems are hard, here’s a decanter.
  23. Keep your friends close and your tequila closer.
  24. This wine tastes like I’m not going to work tomorrow.
  25. According to chemistry alcohol is a solution 
  26. I make wine disappear, what’s your superpower?
  27. Life is not a fairytale. If you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re drunk.

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