Gift Guide: Simple Toys & Games

We know that there is a wide range of tastes and preferences among humans when it comes to foods, colors, traveling, and more. One of the lessons we’ve learned since being in the retail industry is that preferences around how to have fun and tap into our childlike senses are no exception to that rule. 

We kept this in mind when creating our latest Games & Toys Gift Guide and that is why you will see it is chock-full of fun, educational, and downright puzzling items that everyone in the family can enjoy. 

Are you a puzzle enthusiast or a word nerd (like us 😉)? Perhaps you have kids who prefer to run and play in the great outdoors? Do you have a niece or nephew who loves to let their imagination run wild and bring their creativity to life with playdough? We’ve got all this and more on our Games & Toys Gift Guide. 

Check out the full list of gift suggestions below, and if one of these items is calling to you personally, feel no shame. We believe that we are all kids at heart and it’s important to never lose that playful side no matter how old you are. Happy gifting!

1. Blockitecture Set from Areaware - Got a future city planner, builder, or architect on your hands? This might be the perfect gift.

Blockitecture by Areaware

2. Confetti-Inspired Magnetic Letters from The Type Set Co. - These have been a huge hit this holiday season so far! They are really a like a party in a bag!

Multicolored Alphabet Magnets

3. Wooden Puzzle from Torched - 2020 is clearly the year of puzzles and this one makes for a great gift for tweens to adults – anyone that likes a challenge. Available in various sizes and shapes. It's definitely on Opie's Christmas list.

Mind Bending Wooden Puzzle by Torched Products

4. PRIMO Ride-On Toy by Ambosstoys - Opie loved ride-on toys when he was little and this little vintage Vespa-inspired scooter is certainly an upgrade from what was around a decade ago. I wish this version had been hanging out in our living room then. It comes in a few styles and a range of colors.

Vintage-Inspired Kids Scooter

5. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition - Y'all! Opie loves Apples to Apples but it's gotten a little childish for him. The original CAH game is way too adult for his 12-year-old tween self but this version adds just enough potty humor to make this hilarious for him and just enough dark humor to make the adults blush. This is our new favorite family game! It's for mature kids and immature adults.

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

6. Spinning Tops by Areaware - Who doesn't love a spinning top?! These lathe-turned beauties are made from leftover material and look great dancing on the floor or resting on a tabletop.

Beautiful Tops

7. Magnetic Blocks from Tegu - Ok. We might be slightly obsessed with magnets in our household and we love anything from Tegu. These modern magnetic blocks are a step up from old-fashion wooden blocks p lus they look a lot better laying around your living room floor than a container full of Legos.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

8. Mouse Garage by Maileg - This Danish brand is pretty much the most charming collection of stuffies out there. Their heirloom quality tiny toys are meant to be cherished and passed down through generations.

Mouse Garage by Maileg

9. Rock Blocks. I don't care if you're 4 or 40 - These handcrafted blocks are open-ended fun for all. They are a great way to get off the screens, increase coordination, and develop dexterity, logic, and reasoning skills. In fact, I think I need some for my desk.

Rock Blocks

10. The Dough Project. The brand and product line are on-point with great design and endless creative fun made This natural dough is made with 100% non-toxic ingredients and colored from plants.

The Dough Project

11. Wooden Match Stick Memory Game - This reminds me a little of the peg game at Cracker Barrel restaurants. This wooden set will look lovely on your coffee table and is perfect little game to keep your mind sharp and only children occupied away from screens.

Wooden Memory Game

12. Inflatable Fort by AirFort. We bought this for our stair-step nieces (Ages 3-8) for Christmas this year. Just add a simple box fan and viola! 

Inflatable Fort by AirFort

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