Graduation Gift Guide: Great Presents for Your Grad's Milestone

Congratulations, grads!

You’ve worked hard, bonded with friends, written papers, studied for more hours than you care to remember, and made lots of memories along the way.

And now it’s the time of year when your journey as a student comes to an end. Not to freak you out, but endless possibilities and opportunities are before you. (Trust us, it’s a good thing!)

Whatever your next steps, you deserve to be celebrated for your achievements. Put on that cap and gown, walk across the stage proudly, and flip that tassel. Now you’re ready for a party! 

Luckily, we have the perfect gift ideas for everyone who just received their diploma. Whether you’re a graduate striking out on a new adventure and looking to treat yourself or a family member or friend of a graduate, we’ve got you covered. Check out the gifts below and grab a few to share with your graduating loved ones.


1)12x12 White Board

Maybe your grad is moving into an apartment and would love some personalized decor. Or maybe they’re starting a job and need some organization in their new office. Either way, our 12x12 White Board is the perfect way to add a touch of fun and sophistication to any space.

2) 12x12 Black Board

If your vibe is moodier or you just love chalk art, check out our 12x12 Black Board instead. It’s perfect for the same reasons as our White Board but can be used with chalk as well as magnetic letters.

3) Dandy Lion Letters

Once your grad has their letterboard, they’ll need letters to go with it! Use these bright, cheery magnetic alphabet letters to display a favorite quote or create a stylish to-do list that any boss would be impressed with.

4) Rainbow Pop Letters


Add a pop of rainbow color to your favorite quote, song lyrics, or even your grocery list. Whether you’re decorating your apartment or learning to be a responsible adult, our magnetic letters have all kinds of possibilities!

5) Dandy Lion Tool Kit

We love our tool kits for creating super stylish letterboard designs. They’ll help you to keep your copy neat and tidy (and we know you’re keeping all of your things neat and tidy now that you live on your own!).

6) Emoji Magnets

The perfect companion set to any of our letterboards or letter sets, emoji magnets help you to express yourself and share your emotions with a fun twist. With 12 emoji expressions in each, your new roommate, boss, or colleagues will never have to guess how you’re feeling. 

If you need a funny card or an additional thoughtful item to go along with your wordy gift, we have some suggestions!

We love this "Your liver made it through college" card for laughs and we’re sure your graduate would appreciate a "Blah blah Cash inside" card (as long as you include actual cash, that is!). We also discovered the Quirky Card Company has lots of Funny Grad Cards, so you can find the perfect one to make your grad laugh out loud.

This Homesick "Let’s Toast" Candle is perfect for any celebration and who wouldn’t love a super cute Graduation Build a Bear to remind them of home as they strike out on their own?