Introducing Alphabet Magnet Day!

If you just stumbled on our site or if you’ve been around a little longer, we hope it’s obvious that we are obsessed with alphabet magnets. In fact, traditional, plastic alphabet magnets are where our story begins. When our son, Opie, was little, we noticed that adults had just as much fun arranging his magnetic letters on our fridge as kids did (they just spelled dirtier words!). And that gave us the idea of reinventing alphabet letters for the modern age!

Honestly, what’s not to love? Modern alphabet magnets are colorful and can be used to spell anything from inspirational quotes and song lyrics to punny sayings. So, in honor of these versatile and fun letters, we’ve done something that we think is pretty cool - we’ve created our own wacky holiday! We’re so excited to invite you to celebrate Alphabet Magnet Day with us every year on May 9th!

Celebrate Alphabet Magnet Day with us!

What is Alphabet Magnet Day?

At its core, Alphabet Magnet Day is about celebrating clever language and beautiful letters! As self-proclaimed Word Nerds, we feel inspired when we’re surrounded by our favorite funny or motivational words. It’s even better when we’re able to display them in a beautiful way. And we know you agree because we see the beautiful letter boards you create and tag us in on social media!

Alphabet Magnet Day is a chance to share your creativity with all of the other letter lovers of the world! Find words that you love or that make you laugh, spell them out on your letter board, fridge, or any available magnetic surface, then use the hashtag #AlphabetMagnetDay so everyone celebrating the holiday can like, comment, and enjoy your creation. Then search the hashtag for new inspiration to use in the future!

It’s a day to have fun and show off your true colors!

Alphabet Fridge Magnets

Alphabet Magnets Through History

So where did alphabet magnet letters even come from? We owe gratitude to many other people and industries through history for dreaming up the beginnings of our little letter friends. Surprisingly, the first magnetic letters were commissioned by the space industry in the 1960s for charting and tracking purposes.

In the early 1970s, Fisher-Price released a toy called School Desk Days that included some hard plastic magnetic letters for educational purposes. Later in the 70s, they released their Magnet Alphabet Board that included a full set of alphabet letters. Several decades later, small versions of letter boards, meant for home decor use, became a rising trend. 

Celebrating the History of Alphabet Magnets

Then, in 2017, Ashley and Paul Jankowski founded The Type Set Co. and merged these concepts into beautiful alphabet magnets for the modern family home. And the rest is modern magnetic history!

How to Create Your Own Wacky Holiday!

You might have noticed that another thing we love around here is wacky holidays so you can imagine the fun we’ve been having creating our own! We love to find a reason to celebrate every day and unofficial holidays give us a reason to acknowledge the small things in our lives that bring us joy.

If you’re interested in creating your own holiday, based on something you love, you’ll first need to define what it’s about, how you’d like it to be celebrated, and when it will be observed. Then dive into the logistics - set up a website, promote your holiday, and contact holiday websites or other platforms that might help you get your day recognized. You can find out more about how to create a holiday in this article

Want to learn more about how to celebrate #AlphabetMagnetDay? Visit the website!