Introducing The Prep Collection

Incoming! The Type Set Co family is excited to announce the arrival of another new collection: the Prep Collection! This collection includes our Confetti Prep and Rainbow Prep Magnetic Letters, and to say we’re a little obsessed with them would be an understatement (seriously, these happy colors are truly swoon-worthy).

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After creating this new collection, it's safe to say that both confetti and rainbow are our new favorite that a thing? It is now! While our Rainbow Prep letters are bright, vibrant, and cool as ever, our Confetti Prep letters are basically what speckled dreams are made of. 

Introducing The Prep Collection

Nothing says party like rainbow and confetti and there are few things our letter boards love more than a good party. Use our Confetti Prep and Rainbow Prep Magnetic Letters to spell out something festive on your letter board for your next themed bash and we guarantee your decor will be the talk of the occasion. Not really the partying type? No problem, these artsy letters can also be used to jazz up any room of your house or even as a fun and inspired learning tool for the kiddos--the possibilities are endless! 

These artsy creations are available for purchase now, so get ‘em while they last!