Introducing Woodland Southern Pine

 If you’ve been around here long (or even if you’re new!), you can probably tell that we love bright, energetic colors! BUT sometimes we also adore a soft neutral. And that’s why we’re excited to welcome our newest foam letter color to The Woodland Collection: Southern Pine.

Whether you’re an outdoors-lover who enjoys walking through the woods or a home decor enthusiast who likes the look of soft, natural pine pieces, these new letters are for you! The light, airy vibe of Southern Pine perfectly embodies the clean feel of a pine forest or the simple feel of pine furniture. 

The tones of Southern Pine reflect the coloring of our letter board frames. When you combine these gorgeous letters with any of our letter boards, you’ll create a perfectly blended, soft look for your home decor. 

While Southern Pine pairs perfectly with all colors of our letter boards, these letters will also stick to any magnetic surface. Use them on your fridge, metal furniture, or any magnetic item in your home or office. They’re also a beautiful accent for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom decor. 

Southern Pine is now available for purchase, so order them while supplies last! Buy Now!

Southern Pine Faux Wood Alphabet Magnets