NEW! Navy Blue Chalkboard Slates are HERE!!

Well, we did it. We got a little nauti just in time for summer and we are excited to FINALLY introduce our brand new nautical navy blue chalkboard slates! It’s really been a long time coming. We've been working at getting these blue babies made for TWO whole years and we're so thrilled the day is finally here. If you’re ready to get your hands on one, you can purchase our nautical navy blue chalkboards here now. 

These beauties are available in both our 15x15 and 17x21 sizes. They are a sophisticated accent addition to any room but they are especially lovely in coastal homes. 

They pair perfectly with many of our letter colors but our most favorite combos are Rose Quartz, Galaxy Gray, Indy Green, Blue Yonder, Paper White, and Rainbow Light soft magnetic letters. Not to mention, they’ll look even more nautically amazing with our surfboard magnets.

We can’t wait to start seeing these in homes all across the country - coastal towns or not!. If you snag one, be sure to tag us in the post or picture and also let us know what your favorite navy letter board color combo is in the comments below. 

Happy typesetting!
Ashley & Paul