17 Christmas Quotes for Holiday Haters and Scrooges

Bah humbug to all of the holiday-haters out there!

While we’re getting excited to decorate the tree, string up the Christmas lights, and check names off of our shopping list, we know some people aren’t big on the holiday season. If you’re a Scrooge or a Grinch, we kind of get it. Sometimes the holidays can feel overwhelming… All the parties to attend, presents to buy, and cheer to spread. Maybe you’re just waiting for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years to be over so you can go back to your routine.

If you’re avoiding decking the halls and Christmas just isn’t your cup of tea (or cocoa) this year, make sure you take care of yourself. It’s okay to turn down a few holiday invitations in favor of a night of self care. Watch your favorite non-holiday movie and turn on a playlist full of non-Christmas songs. Don’t decorate if you don’t want to. And consider donating to your favorite cause in the names of your friends and family instead of spending time scouring the stores for gifts. Everyone appreciates a gift that helps others!

If you’re a bit of a curmudgeon and love to hate the holidays… Well, all we can say is that there’s one in every family. We might laugh to ourselves and roll our eyes while you gripe about holiday traffic and the weather outside, but we love you anyway and still want you at our holiday gatherings!

Since we know it can be tough to get in the holiday spirit, we have 16 quotes that are perfect for everyone who hates the holidays! Display them on your letter board to spread the Grinch-y vibes and maybe get a laugh from your friends or family. 

17 Christmas Quotes for Holiday Haters and Scrooges – I Hate Christmas Quotes

  1. “Hate. Hate. Hate. Double hate. Loathe Entirely.” - The Grinch
  2. “I know nobody likes me. Why do we have a holiday season to emphasize it?” - Charlie Brown
  3. All I want for Christmas is for it to be over.
  4. This year for Christmas, I will be making a donation in your name into my bank account.
  5. Happy unimaginative, consumer-oriented holiday!
  6. I’m trying to get in the holiday spirit but the damn bottle won’t open.
  7. This Christmas, instead of giving everyone gifts, I’m giving my opinions.
  8. The worst thing about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.
  9. My favorite winter activity is going back inside.
  10. Santa has the right idea. Visit people only once a year.
  11. Christmas is a magical time of year… I just watched all my money magically disappear.
  12. Bah humbug!
  13. Deck the halls and not your family.
  14. “Every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.” - Ebenezer Scrooge
  15. I can’t wait for the holidays… to be over.
  16. Gonna go lay under the Christmas tree and remind my family that I’m a gift.
  17. 4:00 - Wallow in self-pity
    4:30 - Stare into the abyss
    5:00 - Solve world hunger. Tell no one.
    5:30 - Jazzercize
    6:30 - Dinner with me. I can't cancel that again.
    7:00 - Wrestle with my self-loathing.
    I'm booked.
    - The Grinch

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