Rainbow Gift Guide: Ideas For All Ages

There’s no denying the joy that a rainbow can bring. These bright streaks of color that show up in our skies have a special way of making us smile! Many see them as good luck or a sign from a loved one, while others may view them as a symbol of pride or gratitude. We think all of these (and more) are great reasons to celebrate and share the joy of rainbows more often with each other.

With the holidays around the corner, and as rainbow lovers ourselves, we felt it necessary to curate a unique gift guide made especially for our fellow rainbow enthusiasts. As you make your way through your shopping list this holiday season, consider these ideas for those special friends or family members you have who enjoy a little extra color in their lives. These gifts won’t disappoint! 

1. Rainbow Marble Puzzle by Galison. We're calling 2020 the year of puzzles and this one is sure to bring joy to everyone. Galison actually has several rainbow-inspired puzzles!

Rainbow Marble Puzzle

2. Rainbow Balance Game by True Balance. This fun balancing game is on Opie's Christmas list this year. It's hours of concentration and fun away from all the screens!

True Balance Game

3. Eni Puzzle. This colorful little puzzle one is great for enhancing problem solving skills and space perception. Opie loves this for creating interesting patterns.

Rainbow Eni Puzzle

4. Rainbow Wooden Geometric Puzzle by Bewilderness. This is definitely one for a seasoned puzzler. It's made of wood and cut in complex geometric shapes. It's a hard one to put together but beautiful when it's done.

Complex Rainbow Geometric Wooden Puzzle

5. Rainbow Confetti Alphabet Magnets by The Type Set Co. We can't have a rainbow gift list without a proper shoutout to our own Rainbow & Confetti Modern Magnetic Letters. You won't find anything else like them on the market today.

6. Rainbow Playing Cards by Fredericks and Mae. Perfect for almost any ages from child to adult, these playing cards make a great stocking stuffer and they are sure to make playing solitaire in quarantine more joyful.

7. Rainbow Door Mat. Now this is how you welcome friends, neighbors, or your UPS delivery person!

8. Rainbow Little Notes by E. Frances. These cute little rainbow notes are the perfect for so many uses - from lunchbox notes to place cards. A set includes 85 cards so use them unsparingly.

9. Grapat Rainbow Nest Rings. Grapat wooden toys come in many shapes and sizes. They are a great for imaginative and educational play.

10. Rainbow Sherbet Teething Bracelet by January Moon. We love this Rainbow teething bracelet from our friend Jenny - it's both beautiful and incredibly useful for moms. The pastel rainbow colorway is also available in a necklace and pacifier clip.

11. Rainbow Bar Necklace. This simple necklace may not be ultra colorful but it's an elegant and timeless piece of jewelry that is a wonderful gift for any rainbow loving friend.

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Rainbow Gift Guide