Shop our Magnetic Letters at!

Did you hear the amazing news? You can now find select Type Set Co. Modern Magnetic Letters and Boards at!

The main goal of small businesses that manufacture products to sell in stores is to get in front of the more well-known names in order to spread the word about their brand and be seen. Anthropologie is at the top of that list in our opinion, and we have been one among many companies hoping to catch the attention of their wholesalers. We have even been loyal customers of their clothing and home goods ourselves for many years! Suffice to say, we are over the moon and humbled to have been selected to partner up with them.

So what are you waiting for? Head to their online shop to find our 15x15 whiteboards and Rainbow Mod, and Emerald City Sans Serif Letters. And be sure to enjoy the rest of their carefully curated selection while you’re at it. 

Happy shopping and happy spelling!