Typesetting 101

Have you ever wondered where our name comes from and what typesetting is? We are self-proclaimed Word Nerds (so much so, we put it on a shirt) and lovers of type so kind of geek out on this subject. Grab a snack and read on as we shed some light on the world of type!

Typesetting is the conscious arrangement of letterforms into an elegant composition both digitally or physically.

Typesetting Magnetic Letters from The Type Set Co.

Before computers, phones, and the internet all letters, numbers, and symbols (glyphs) were arranged or set manually. These movable type pieces were arranged and stacked on composing sticks, rolled with ink, then pressed against paper using the letterpress printing machine. Advances in technology have brought us the typewriter and our beloved computers and smartphones that make type is a breeze. 

For graphic designers, authors, editors and more typesetting is still at the forefront of their minds. Type is meant to be easy to read and should be visually appealing. Font size, spacing, the stacking of letters, punctuation, and alignment are all important things designers and type fanatics are conscious of. Without this attention to detail, books would be difficult to read, advertisements would be unappealing, and readers would get distracted. 

The Type Set Co. Typesetting Toolkit from Magnetic Letters

We are hyper-aware that typesetting directly affects aesthetics and readability, that's why we created our Typesetting Toolkits. These composition rulers allow you to be professional typesetters with perfectly spaced letters and words, straight lines, or beautiful curves! As I said, we are lovers of all things type!

The Type Set Co. 

Photos by Alea Moore Photography