Warehouse Sale FAQs

Welcome to our Warehouse/Scratch & Dent Sale! We're making room in our warehouse for a ton of restocks coming before the holidays hit. We've been pulling aside less-than-perfect items since we launched in 2018 and it has all got to go! We've put together a few FAQs below that might help you be more informed during your shopping. 

1. Why are some colors or styles being discontinued? Are any of these damaged? Most items being discontinued weren't top sellers. We're a small business with limited amount of warehouse space and we need to make room for some upcoming items for the holidays. Most bags of these letters are not damaged but might need to be fluffed a little because they've been in their packaging a little longer. You might get letters that are a little dented or warped. We recommend putting them on a magnetic surface and applying a little heat.. either from the sun or from a hair dryer. Keep in mind that these are final sale and are priced to that effect. 

2. Are any of these items defective? We have a few styles that have been manufactured out of spec which means our factory didn't produce them the way we wanted them to. These types of defects are listed in the product description. Despite this minor flaw, these sets are still fully functional and will provide hours of entertainment. These are final sale and are priced to that effect. 

3. What kinds of defects can I expect to see in the boards? We strive to check each board for manufacturing inconsistencies or defects before they go out the door. We've been pulling these boards aside since we launched in 2018. As you can imagine - we have boxes and boxes of boards that are less than perfect but not so damaged that they need to be thrown away or recycled. 

Here's a few examples of the most common issues we've come across.







2. What about the oak boards? The very first boards we made had manufactured had beautiful oak frames. Our first (and only) order of them were about 50% damaged from the factory. It was pretty devastating. Most of these had been assembled with a plastic coating to protect the surface from scratches. Ironically, the plastic was then scored with a knife so that it could be removed by the customer last and in the process of scoring the surfaces were scratched. Some of these have been repaired by us and the score marks are covered by the frame and some were beyond repair and the scratches are slightly visible. These boards likely will not be packed at all. Again, these are final sale and are priced accordingly. Please check out the photos below to assess these damaged boards.






4. What's up with the magnetic letter grab bags? What's included in them? Our office and studio are full of partial bags of letters that we've used for displays, sales tools, and samples. We emptied each style (Serif and Sans Serif) into a giant bin, thoroughly mixed them up, and then measured them out into 1/2 pound bags – they may have less than 200 pieces and they may have more than 200 pieces. We have no control of what characters or colors are in each bag - it will truly be a mystery. Quantities are limited – once these are gone, they're gone.

5. What is your return/exchange policy? Warehouse sale items are final sale – there will not be any refunds or exchanges for these items – they are all being sold in "as-is" condition.

6. Can I see what the defect looks like before I order it? Unfortunately, since this is an online warehouse sale, we cannot entertain special requests or show you the exact defect an item might have. All known defects and issues are listed and shown above. When placing an order on this heavily discounted inventory, you should be comfortable with any/all of the defects listed above.

7. What if something is sold out – will there be a restock? We have limited quantities available of these discontinued or defective products and they will not be restocked. However, we do plan to have a warehouse sale each year.