25 Summer Quotes that Shell-abrate the Season

It’s finally summer!

We’re ready to start enjoying the sunshine season. Every year when summer rolls around, we get ready to spend as much time as possible outside. We have our bathing suits ready, our beach bag packed, and a new pair of flip flops that are ready to be worn out by the end of summer. Whether you have an ocean, a lake, or a blow-up pool in your yard, we hope you’re able to sit in the sun and splash in some water. Get out the lawn chair, pour yourself an iced cocktail, and ask some friends or neighbors to come join you because it’s time for a summertime party!

Our family is all about lake life. Summer for us means getting the boat ready, watching our dogs run and play outside, and making time for all the water sports we can fit into our summer schedule. For you and your family, summer might mean a vacation to your favorite spot, putting your toes in sand and swimming in salt water, or hiking the mountains and sleeping under the stars. 

However you like to spend the warm days, we’re here for it! Summer means a little more free time and a little less planning, a little more time to spend with family and a three month break from the carpool line. It’s a chance to soak up sunshine and togetherness. We know that our days are well-spent when, by the end of them, we’re covered in dirt, our hair is a little windblown and tangled, and we have a few extra freckles. 

If you’re ready to soak up the summer in style, grab a cute beach towel, a picnic basket for dining al fresco, some colorful magnetic letters for your summer decor, and you’re ready to go!

Since we love summer so much, we’ve created a list of 25 of our favorite summer quotes. Display these on your letter board, fridge, magnetic dishwasher, or any magnetic surface in your home! We think these quotes and sayings will remind you to have fun, make memories, and enjoy every moment this summer. Let the good times roll! 😎

  1. Hello, summer!
  2. Let the summer begin!
  3. Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.
  4. Every summer has its own story.
  5. Summertime, and the livin' is easy.
  6. Love you to the beach and back.
  7. Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.
  8. Nothing but high tides and good vibes.
  9. Summer — that crazy little sun of a beach.
  10. Never stop chasing your summer
  11. Live in the Sunshine
  12. Girls just wanna have sun.
  13. Tropic like it's hot.
  14. Hanging with my grill friends.
  15. Game of cones.
  16. Beach, please.
  17. Sun's out, buns out.
  18. Tis the sea-sun.
  19. Please excuse my resting beach face.
  20. What's up beaches?
  21. Keeping it reel at the lake.
  22. Shell-abrate good times and tan lines.
  23. I'll stop the world and melt with you.
  24. Life's a beach. Enjoy the waves.
  25. I like big boats and I cannot lie.

Letter Board Summer Quotes

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