2-Inch Paper White Magnetic Letters

2-Inch Paper White Magnetic Letters

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Paper White
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  • 3rd Party Toy Tested for Ages 3+
  • Includes 36-piece: 26 Letters and 10 Numbers
  • Made of Soft EVA Foam and Safe Rubber Magnets
Big letters for little hands! These soft foam, sans serif alphabet magnets bring classic alphabet magnets into the modern home. Although this larger version of letters are easier to grasp for younger children, the stylish design will be enjoyed by adults too! Sets include 36 2” tall characters – including 26  letters and 10 numbers. Made for ages 3 and up.

Characters Included:

A - 1, B - 1, C - 1, D - 1, E - 1, F - 1, G - 1, H - 1, I - 1, J - 1, K - 1, L - 1, M - 1, N - 1, O - 1, P - 1, Q - 1, R - 1, S - 1, T - 1, U - 1, V - 1, W - 1, X - 1, Y - 1, Z - 1, 1 - 1, 2 - 1, 3 - 1, 4 - 1, 5 - 1, 6 - 1, 7 - 1, 8 - 1, 9 - 1, 0 - 1

Safety Warning:

PLEASE NOTE: Choking Hazard.This product contains small parts. Keep away from children under 3 years old. Adult supervision recommended.

Other Notes:

These magnets will not work on glass magnet boards. The letters are made of a soft foam material and therefore are not impervious to imperfections, such as dents, or warping. However, these imperfections can usually be worked out with your fingers or a little low heat and easily reshaped on a magnetic surface. 


I'm thrilled with our new alphabet magnets! They seamlessly blend into my home's decor, and my kids can't get enough of them. Learning has never been this much fun and worry-free.

Kristen J.
Asheville, North Carolina

These magnetic letters have become my guilty pleasure! I've become obsessed with leaving funny messages for my family, turning our fridge into a constant source of laughter and joy.

Jennifer H.
Savannah, Georgia

My whole family loves to play with our new alphabet magnets. My husband leaves me love notes, and my kids practice spelling words.

Kiley T.
Long Island, New York

The Type Set Co.'s magnetic letters transformed my coffee shop menu! I snagged a fantastic bundle discount on several sets. Now, my menu is not only easy to change but also visually stunning.

Thomas C.
Los Angeles, California

Exactly what I was looking for! I adore these alphabet magnets because they're not only stylish in but also safe for my kids. They've turned learning feel more like playtime.

Heather P.
SLC, Utah

Customer Reviews

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Morgan Moran De Sanchez
Door signage

Used to label our Laundry closet on rental property metal door - so cute and much easier and affordable than a sign!


Used to label our Laundry room on a metal door for a rental property - so cute!!

Reason Ali

Huge and really cute!!!

Jennifer S

Our almost two year old loves playing with them on the fridge. Cute colors and style that don’t scream ‘I have a kids’ unlike a lot of toys. :)

Great gift item, love the colors

I bought two sets of the rainbow dream color plus a board for my twin nieces. The girls loved them and their mom loved that they fit her modern playroom decor. When my kids were young I always was on the look out to find toys they'd love but that were also nicely designed. These are definitely a win-win for stylish mamas and kids! Good gift hack. Would definitely gift again.

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