Rikagaku Art Chalk 6 pcs


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These all-natural, Japanese-made art chalks are the perfect medium to give your magnetic, write-on letter board a little extra personality. Created with recycled scallop seashells and traditional calcium carbonate makes them stronger, smoother, and longer-lasting!


• All-Natural, Non-Toxic, and Eco-Friendly
• Chalk is sized 63mm x 11mm
• 6
 piece set available in neon (6 fluorescent colors: yellow, pink, orange, blue, violet, white) or marble (3 marble-colored chalk: purple & blue, pink & yellow, and yellow-green & blue, 3 white)
• Made of recycled scallop seashells blended with calcium carbonate
• Produces smooth, soft texture and beautiful bright colors
• Does not contain dairy or egg products
• Made in Japan

Not made for human consumption. Do not eat or put into mouth or eyes.