18 Quotes About Gardening to Plant on Your Letter Board

The older we get, the more we’ve learned to appreciate growing our own food, flowers and foliage. Cucumbers and tomatoes taste way better when they come straight out of the garden. Flowers smell sweeter when you planted them, tended them, and watched them bloom right in front of your eyes. There’s nothing more rewarding than digging in the dirt, ending the day with sore muscles, and then watching new life come from the garden you’ve planted. And if you can make a salad, cook a meal, or arrange a bouquet entirely from items you’ve grown… Well, we just don’t know if there’s a prouder feeling!

There really is a wholesome magic to be discovered when it comes to gardening and we know we’re not alone when we say it’s become one of our favorite hobbies during the pandemic. It has become a way to unwind, breathe fresh air, and find some joy in the mundane during a stressful time. Now, with the arrival of Spring, it’s planting time! And we’re excited to try some new crops and flowers this year.

Something that we’ve learned is that not all plants are meant to be started at the same time of year. Some grow best if they’re put in the ground earlier in the spring and some require you to wait until later… or even into Summer, depending on where you live and what the climate is like! It’s important to find out what hardiness zone you live in in order to know what plants can survive your weather conditions. We’d hate for you to put in the effort of planting and not reap what you sow! 

If you’ve also been experimenting with gardening, we invite you to update your letter board with one of these fun and sweet gardening quotes. Take a picture of your letter board and your garden and tag us on social media so we can see what you’re cultivating this Spring. We’ll be putting on your sun hat, gardening gloves, outdoor shoes, and getting some dirt under our fingernails right alongside you!

  1. Give a weed an inch and it’ll take a yard
  2. Please be seeded
  3. I love gardening, big thyme
  4. Herb your enthusiasm
  5. Bloom where you are planted
  6. Signs of the thymes
  7. Dirt therapy
  8. Peace Love Garden
  9. Plant Whisperer
  10. Gardeners learn by trowel and error
  11. Sow. Weed. Water. Wait.
  12. Dirty hands, Clean Living
  13. Don’t stop be-leaf-ing
  14. Thyme to turnip the beet
  15. Good thymes in the garden
  16. Garden of Weedin
  17. May all your weeds be wildflowers
  18. That’s a bit mulch

18 Letterboard Quote Ideas About Gardening

Featured Image: 15x15 Magnetic Letter Board Slate in Whiteboard and Soft Magnetic Letters in Key Lime