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A Family Endeavor

Heading up this particular project are Ashley, our idea generator, who first envisioned The Type Set Co. in the shower (where all great ideas happen), and Paul, her husband and an engineering superhero, who took an idea and made it into something tangible. Then, there is our budding, next-generation small business mastermind, Opie, who is always surprising us with his observations about how something might work better.

The Mother of Re-Invention

The Birth of Modern Magnetic Letters

When our son, Opie, was little, we had a basic, old-school magnetic letter set on our fridge for him to play with. As he got older, we noticed that even though the letters were meant to be a child’s toy, our adult friends and guests played with them more than Opie and the other kids did! They were constantly tinkering with the multi-color mess, arranging them into funny (and often inappropriate) words and phrases that they could spell even with the limited letter options. The things they would come up with made us laugh on a daily basis as we walked past our fridge.Β 
Although Ashley loved the creativity of the messages they came up with, she often wished she could give the letters a makeover. She thought it would be fun to change out the colors as the seasons changed or to make the design a little more sophisticated, so that it tied in with her home decor. One day it occurred to her that others might feel the same and, shortly after The Type Set Co. was born, bringing modern magnetic letters for adults and children to homes everywhere!

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