10 Of The Punniest Quotes For Graphic Designers

Graphic design is where it all started for us. At the core of who we are, we are designers first. We had worked in design, marketing, and creative services for most of our careers before we found a new passion in our pride and joy: The Type Set, Co. 

In an effort to connect back to our roots, we are bringing the best of both our worlds together. Keep reading to check out some of our favorite punny, nerdy, and sans Comic-Sans quotes for your letterboard that every graphic designer will appreciate.

Do you have a favorite punny graphic design quote or word? Tell us in the comments or by tagging us in a photo on Instagram! Happy word-nerding. 

  1. What the Helvetica?
  2. Crop it like it’s hot
  3. Help me, Adobe-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.
  4. Choose one: common sense or comic sans.  You cannot have both.
  5. Get with the times, New Roman
  6. Be bold or italic.  Never regular.
  7. I’m very font of you because you are just my type!
  8. Life isn’t always #000 and #FFF
  9. I shot the serif
  10. It’s fun to stay at the C.M.Y.K.