13 Letter Board Quotes About Grammar

Good grammar makes us giddy and we know we aren't the only ones! Is there anything more satisfying than seeing someone using the correct form of “their,” “there,” or “they’re”? Or seeing that punctuation mark in *just* the right place in a sentence? Needless to say, the grammar police won't be coming after us anytime soon because, well, we may or may not be honorary members of the squad! Call us word nerds all you want but good grammar is our love language and we live for it!

Yes, languages are complicated, English is weird, and good grammar can be tricky. Sometimes it feels like incorrect grammar is becoming an accepted norm in our casual society of emails, texting, and emojis. But we believe that having good grammar is still an important skill. In fact, studies show that having good grammar even has a direct effect on the promotions you receive and, ultimately, your income!

Of course, language evolves over time and we don’t believe all rules of grammar have to be strictly followed. After all, rules are made to be broken! But we’re strong believers that you have to know the rules before you can break them and that grammar rules should be broken with a purpose. If breaking the rule gives clarity to what you’re saying or brings some creativity to your writing, we say go for it!

If you’re someone who loves to flex your impeccable grammar skills and let your nerdy-ness shine, we’ve compiled some grammar-centric letter board quotes just for you!

  1. Punsters should be drawn and quoted
  2. Practice safe text: use commas.
  3. I avoid cliches like the plague.
  4. I’m so adjective, I verb noun.
  5. Double negatives are a big no-no.
  6. Synonym rolls: just like grammar used to make.
  7. I prefer my puns intended.
  8. Hyperbole is the greatest thing ever!
  9. You had me at proper spelling and grammar
  10. English is a difficult language.  It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
  11. The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.
  12. You had me at the proper use of “you’re”
  13. I now pronouns you, he and she

13 Letter Board Quote Ideas for Grammar Geeks

If you’re a member of the grammar police like we are, you might enjoy this funny ‘I Before E’ t-shirt that shows how the English language doesn’t believe in sticking to rules. Or this one that really proves why commas truly matter. And we’d personally love to drink our morning coffee out of this Sentence Diagram mug!

Featured Image: 17x21 Deluxe Magnetic Letter Board Slate in Black Chalkboard with Soft Magnetic Letters in Paper White and Soft Magnetic Letters Lowercase Add-on Pack in Paper White