15 Hilarious Quotes About Daylight Saving Time

 Is there anyone who actually likes Daylight Saving Time?

Twice a year, we all have to go through the inconvenience of resetting our clocks (or just having our clocks read the wrong time), remembering whether we lose an hour or gain an hour, and then readjusting our body clocks. Of course we all dislike “springing forward,” but “falling back” messes with our rhythms and schedules just as much! We just can’t think of anything that we like about it.

Daylight Saving makes everyone a little sleepy, but it’s even more of a problem for anyone with young kids or pets. If you’re in charge of any small creatures who can’t tell time, you’ll definitely be waking up on your usual schedule!

Ironically, Daylight Saving Time was invented to save energy, but studies show that it can actually make people less productive at work and actually leads to an increase in energy use. TBH, we’re not surprised. We know that we personally feel a little off for months when it starts getting dark early in the evening! Quotes About Daylight Saving Time

To poke fun at the tradition of changing our clocks twice a year, we’ve rounded up 15 funny quotes about Daylight Saving Time. Put them on your letter board, share them on social media, and tag us so we can all laugh about being sleep deprived together!

  1. The end of daylight savings time: a week of waking up early because kids and pets can’t tell time.
  2. My favorite holiday is Daylight Saving Time because we get an extra hour of sleep.
  3. Daylight Savings Time on Sunday should always be followed by a national holiday on Monday.
  4. The hour I lost today was the hour I was planning on going to the gym. Darn.
  5. Yes! It’s Daylight Saving Time. The clock in my car will finally be correct!
  6. Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by daylight savings time.
  7. Don’t forget to adjust all the clocks you never look at because you have a phone!
  8. “I love Daylight Saving Time!” - No one ever
  9. Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, we all get an extra hour to think about doing something productive.
  10. Hello Darkness, my old friend. Soon you’ll be here at 4pm.
  11. Just a reminder for your weekend: Monday will be happening an hour earlier.
  12. Why can’t we move the clocks forward by an hour on Friday at 4pm instead?
  13. Is this the one where I get an extra hour of drinking or lose an hour of drinking?
  14. It’s National “How Do I Change the Clock on my Microwave” Day!
  15. Parents of young kids: I don’t know how I could get more sleep deprived.
    Daylight Saving Time: Watch this.

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