20 Backhanded Compliments to Make You LOL

We all know what it feels like to receive a backhanded compliment. First, there’s the initial sense of pride over receiving a compliment… until we realize the true meaning of the words and the wind goes out of our sails.

Confused, we think to ourselves “Did they mean to say that? Are they trying to be nice? Wait… was that an insult?” And we might respond with a simple, “Thank you,” and change the subject quickly, just to keep things from getting too awkward. Ooof… cringey, right?

Backhanded compliments aren’t really compliments at all. In fact, they’re insults in disguise. While we don’t recommend being that person who really gives backhanded compliments to your friends and family, we think there are some cloaked insults that are actually pretty funny. 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite not-so-complimentary compliments that are hilarious to display on your letter board. We suggest using these in your bedroom, kitchen, or office… somewhere that you can read them and laugh. Afterall, you’ve got to keep yourself humble!

Backhanded Compliments

    1    I always feel more intelligent after reading your work.
    2    It’s really difficult to underestimate you.
    3    Your haircut makes your nose look smaller.
    4    You look really nice in this light.
    5    That’s a beautiful photo of you. I didn’t recognize you at first.
    6    You’re not as dumb as you look.
    7    I love how you just don’t care what anyone thinks of you.
    8    I don’t care what others say about you. You’re alright in my book.
    9    Your Instagram makes you seem so fun!
    10    I didn’t expect you to get the job - Congratulations!
    11    I wish I was as relaxed as you are about messiness.
    12    You’re so charming when you make an effort.
    13    Those earrings are so nice. My grandma would love them.
    14    Your house feels so cozy and lived in.
    15    Well, that’s a level of incompetence I’ve never seen before.
    16    You’re pretty… on the inside.
    17    That’s not the ugliest shirt I’ve seen you wear.
    18    You might not be the prettiest, but you’re definitely the funniest!
    19    You clean up nice.
    20    You’re smarter than two dumb guys.

In addition to letter board quotes, we think this backhanded compliment coffee mug is the perfect (sort of) nice way to start your day. And if your sense of humor is a little off-beat, check out our blog post 15 Snarky and Sarcastic Quote Ideas to Keep Things Sassy.

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