21 Rainbow-Inspired Letter Board Quotes to Brighten your Day

Rainbows are proof that there is magic in the world, if you ask us. They’re mesmerizing, colorful, and they make our day every time we see one!

We don’t know exactly what makes rainbows so magical. It could be that they’re rare to see. Or maybe it’s the science behind them. But we suspect a big part of it is that they’re something truly beautiful that comes from gray skies.

There are no rainbows without the rain. It might be a gloomy, cold, gray day… but then suddenly the sun shines, the colors appear, and there’s a sparkling rainbow that fills the sky. Rainbows are a reminder that no matter how dark and dreary things get, color and beauty are just around the corner. They’re a symbol of hope. And, in fact, they even demonstrate that it’s the darkness that comes before that makes us appreciate the light and color that much more.

Rainbows are a symbol of so many positive things - They might remind you of a loved one, a past memory, or represent pride or bravery. Whatever rainbows mean to you, we’re right there with you in feeling that they’re something special to see. It’s no wonder they’ve become a universal symbol of joy and happiness. And, when all is said and done, seeing a rainbow always turns a bad day into a good one.

Since we’re firm believers that everyone can always use a little more joy in their lives, we’ve put together a list of 21 colorful, rainbow-inspired quotes for your letter board or home decor! Choose your favorites and display them on your letter board, fridge, or another magnetic surface to instantly lift your spirits. We guarantee that when you see them, you’ll smile! Bonus points if you use any of the magnetic letters from our Rainbow Collection to create your display!

  1. You color my world.
  2. BRB Chasing rainbows
  3. Let’s be rainbros
  4. Color makes the world go ‘round
  5. Living my life color-fully
  6. You color my world.
  7. I see your true colors.
  8. Color makes the world go ‘round
  9. Somewhere over the rainbow
  10. If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain
  11. Rainbows apologize for angry skies
  12. Find the pigment of your imagination
  13. You bring color to my world
  14. My favorite color is rainbow
  15. What happens over the rainbow, stays over the rainbow
  16. Be a rainbow in someone's cloud
  17. The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow
  18. You'll never find a rainbow if you're always looking down
  19. Never stop chasing Rainbows
  20. Focus on your rainbow and not your rain
  21. Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends

If you’re searching the skies for rainbows, we think you’ll love our Soft Magnetic Letter Rainbow Collection! Add any of these colorful letter packs to your magnetic letter board. Be sure to mix and match for a color explosion!