Party On! With These NEW Confetti-Inspired Magnetic Letters

It’s a party over here! And do you know what a party means? Sprinkles! And do you know you get when you combine our soft magnetic letters and sprinkles? Our new Confetti letters! 

That’s right. The same soft, cozy, and functional magnetic alphabet letters you know and love are back in three exciting new rainbow color combos:

Confetti Mod

Confetti Pop

Confetti Rainbow Pop Alphabet Magnets

Confetti Chic

Confetti Rainbow Chic Alphabet Magnets

These letters have a unique superpower that will turn the most plain and mundane room of your house into a color explosion of excitement. We promise there’s something for everyone here, too. From classic confetti colors to the most modern of spaces, to trendy and chic. We even have a camo color combination for our outdoor enthusiasts that goes against all the rules of camouflage as it will simply be impossible to miss!

Whatever your preferred palette, we’ve got you covered so you can start expressing yourself in more colorful ways on your letter boards and throughout your homes. 

Do you love confetti as much as we do? Pre-Order* the new letters now and get ‘em while their hot! 

*Orders that contain any pre-order items will ship complete when all items are available which is on or before 9/30/2020.