14 Fashion Quotes to Dress Up Your Letter Board

Fashion is a form of self expression that we all participate in. You don’t have to be style obsessed to appreciate clothing that makes you feel great about yourself. Each day, when you wake up, look in your closet, and decide what to wear, you’re choosing how to present yourself to the world. And that’s the cool thing about fashion! It’s a form of creativity that can be engaged in every single day, just by getting dressed.

Style expression can take all different forms. Maybe you like to get dressed up and feel most comfortable in a suit or a dress and heels. Maybe your daily vibe is jeans and a t-shirt. Or maybe you’re great at rocking yoga pants, even when you haven’t been working out. And then there are accessories. A simple outfit can be easily elevated with the right shoes, jewelry, handbag, or sunglasses. 

No matter what you like to wear, we’re advocates for wearing whatever makes you feel like YOU. When you’re comfortable and confident in your clothing, we know you feel on top of the world! In fact, there have even been studies that show that what you wear is a major influencer of your mood. Makes sense to us!

To celebrate the art form of fashion, we’ve gathered letter board quotes about fashion that fit any style. 

  1. Life is too short to wear boring clothes.
  2. “Fashions fade. Style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent
  3. “Keep your heels, head, and standards high.” - Coco Chanel
  4. Wear clothes that matter.
  5. Fashion is art and you are the canvas.
  6. “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” - Coco Chanel
  7. Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.
  8. You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. 
  9. “The best things in life are free. The second best things are very expensive.” - Coco Chanel
  10. Your style says who you are without you having to speak.
  11. Me: changes outfit 27 times
    Also Me: goes with first outfit
  12. Monday: the only day you can wear the same outfit as yesterday without anyone knowing
  13. Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.
  14. I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say “Oh my God! They look so comfortable!” - Christian Louboutin

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Fashion Quotes