Hello Camo Cutie! Introducing Camouflage Magnetic Letters

Outdoor enthusiasts, rejoice! We’ve got you covered when it comes to expressing your nature-loving self fully by way of your magnetic letter board. Allow us to introduce you to the newest member of our letter family: Woodland Camo Confetti!

Though they are similar at first sight to your favorite green and brown color combinations, these new Woodland Camo Confetti letters defy the laws of typical camouflage. Stick them to your favorite magnetic surface and watch how they fill the space with colors that are impossible not to see.  

It’s really hard not to love our newest earth-tone clad confetti magnetic alphabet letters. We’ve already begun sticking them all over toolboxes and equipment in our warehouse! They are the perfect way to bring a little taste of the fresh outdoors to the indoors. Or, stick them to your letterboard, fridge, or any other magnetic appliance to add an unexpected pop of color and creativity to your living room, kitchen, or coffee nook. Kids and adults alike are bound to fall in love with this fun combination.

Woodland Camo Confetti is now available, so grab some now while supplies last in our online store! Show us where you stick ‘em by tagging us on Instagram.