Crayon You Fix It? How to Remove Crayon From A Chalkboard

So... your kiddo channeled their inner artist with some waxy crayons on your magnetic chalkboard slate. Yikes! Good thing they're cute! Fear not – it's not ruined!  We've tested a few clean-up options and we're going to show you how to remove crayon from a chalkboard.

Supplies you'll need:

  1. WD-40
  2. Glass Cleaner - we like Windex with Vinegar
  3. Microfiber Cloth
  4. Paper Towel 

Please note: We only tested this method and supplies on our own metal chalkboards.

The key ingredient is good ol' WD-40 - it kinda melts the wax of the crayon. It was like magic! We started by applying the WD-40 to a paper towel. We gently wiped the chalkboard in a circular motion until all the crayon was gone.Removing crayon from a chalkboard slate

If you're a little short of time and you don't want to wait for the WD-40 to dry you can quickly clean off the WD-40 with a glass cleaner (we like Windex with Vinegar) and a microfiber cloth.

Viola! Your chalkboard slate from The Type Set Co. is like new again!