Learning with Letters – Includes FREE Downloadable

Parents everywhere who are at home with children during this pandemic have received a new superpower recently: homeschool teacher. As if parenting itself wasn’t tough enough, now many of you are homeschooling with little to no idea what the heck you’re doing (fake it till you make it). Hopefully, many of you have spent these last few weeks figuring out how the best ways to manage your own homeschooling situation, and well, if not, we’re here to help with a lesson plan or two.

We’ve collaborated with our good friend and blogger Kimberly from Savvy Mama Lifestyle to bring you a fun letter board activity that will make learning language and spelling enjoyable. Plus, with any luck, it’ll keep those kiddos busy long enough so mom or dad can grab that much-needed shower (we feel you on this one).

Free Homeschool Downloadable Worksheets

Using the Sight Word Builder, Number & Letter Matching Game printable worksheets, and our oh-so-colorful magnetic alphabet letters, you’ve got yourself one heck of a lesson plan. So grab yourself these free printable worksheets over on Kimberly’s blog here and here (a promo code awaits you there too), and get yourself some of our soft magnetic letters in your favorite color here if you don’t already have ‘em. 

Happy word-nerding!
Ashley & Paul

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