Lowercase Letters in the House!

Anyone else feel like they're shouting when they use all caps to spell things out? Well, same. And that's why we’re excited to announce the release of our new lowercase letters! If anyones ever pulled a Taylor Swift on you and told you, “you need to calm down, you're being too loud”, then these letters are for you!

Currently available in black and white, these new additions to The Type Set Co. family are an add-on companion pack to be paired with our original one-inch soft magnetic letters. They may be on the small side, but they make a mighty addition to any of our boards!

These lowercase letters are basically what grammatically correct dreams are made of – I mean hello, is there anything more satisfying than a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence followed by perfectly spaced lowercases? We think not. Side note: we couldn't get too grammatically correct (because what fun is that?) so we left out punctuation, numbers, and symbols from this pack. While they could act as the perfect learning tool for little ones, adult supervision is recommended as they are quite small and could be difficult for little hands! 

So what are you waiting for? There's so much spelling (and a lot less shouting) to be done! Lowercase letters available for purchase now!

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New Lowercase Magnetic Letters Add-on Pack