Alphabet Magnet Day Recognized by National Day Calendar

Hear ye, hear ye! That’s the best way to start a proclamation, right? 

Now that we have your attention, we have an announcement that we couldn’t be more excited about! Alphabet Magnet Day on May 9th is now an officially recognized holiday by National Day Calendar, the original and authoritative source for fun, unusual and unique national days! 

Celebrate Every Day - National Day Calendar

National Day Calendar has a mission to find something to celebrate every single day. They are the first organization of their kind to curate a collection of national and international days, weeks, and months in one place. And, not only that, but they share the story and importance of each event so we can find and celebrate the days that resonate most with each of us!

And now they’re joining us (and all of YOU around the world!) to help us celebrate colorful and creative alphabet magnets every year on May 9th!

You can find more about the story behind Alphabet Magnet Day on the National Day Calendar website, here.

Alphabet Magnet Day is about celebrating clever language and beautiful letters. It’s a chance to express yourself and share your creativity. It’s a day where we encourage you to spell out your favorite inspirational quote, song lyrics that always make you cry, or a pun that makes you laugh out loud… and then share it with the world using the hashtag #NationalAlphabetMagnetDay or #alphabetmagnetday on social media.

National Alphabet Magnet Day May 9

Use your alphabet magnets on a letter board, on your fridge, or on any magnetic surface. Just get designing!

If you’ll be celebrating Alphabet Magnet Day with us, start choosing your letters and thinking about your favorite words. (Pssst. You can find LOTS of inspiration already gathered for you here!) We can’t wait to see your personalities shine. You know we’ll be scrolling through your posts and loving what you create.

We’re so thrilled that others who share our love of words, design, and laughter are preparing to celebrate with us! Thanks, National Day Calendar, for helping us to get the word out! 

National Alphabet Magnet Day