22 Quotes About Bacon to Spice Up Your Letter Board!

What’s shakin’, bacon?

Whether it’s on its own, part of a full breakfast spread alongside eggs and toast, or combined with brown sugar for a sweet treat, we’re here for the bacon!

We honestly don’t know exactly what it is that makes us love bacon so much. If we had to guess, we’d say that it’s more than just the taste. Yes, the salty and fatty flavor of bacon is great. But it’s also a comfort food that reminds us of family recipes, the nostalgia of community potlucks, and every one of our favorite Southern recipes and memories (bacon and grits, anyone?). No wonder Ron Swanson loves bacon so much… We’re right there with him!

Bacon is versatile. It can be part of a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Sure, we’ll take a crunchy slice of bacon any day. But we also love it on a burger, wrapped around dates, in a salad, or sprinkled on top of an ice cream shake. There are so many delicious recipes that include bacon and we’ll try any of them!

22 Quotes About Bacon to Spice Up Your Letter Board!

If you love bacon as much as we do, we know you’ll love these 22 quotes about bacon that will have you laughing out loud and also craving your favorite salty treat! Choose your magnetic letters, choose your favorite quote from the list below, and display it on your letter board. Bonus points if you snap a picture and share it with us on social media!

Crunch on, bacon-lovers!

  1. You’re bacon me crazy
  2. Bacon: the main reason I’m not a vegetarian
  3. Either you like bacon or you’re wrong.
  4. “That’s too much bacon.” - No One Ever
  5. Life is hard. Bacon helps.
  6. I just want abs...olutely all the bacon.
  7. I love you more than bacon.
  8. Don’t go bacon my heart
  9. What’s shakin’, bacon?
  10. If life gives you lemons, throw them away and get some bacon.
  11. You had me at bacon
  12. Forget love, just give me bacon.
  13. I’m just here for the bacon.
  14. Bacon: it’s like a high five for your mouth
  15. If by “crunches” you mean the sound bacon makes when you eat it, then yes I do crunches.
  16. “Do you want my leftover bacon?” - No One Ever
  17. I’d put bacon on that.
  18. Bacon fixes everything
  19. I want to grow my own food, but I can’t find any bacon seeds.
  20. Love is in the air. No wait, that’s bacon.
  21. Happy people live longer. Bacon makes you happy. Therefore bacon makes you live longer.
  22. You’re just like bacon. You make everything better.