18 Creative Quotes for Engineers

If you have any engineers in your life that you're close to, you already know that they’re part scientist, part mathematician, part designer, and part magician. 

Engineers create the systems and structures our businesses, lives, and societies are built on - from computer software to skyscrapers to instruments, tools, and gadgets we use every day. They’re creative, analytical, precise, and up for trying any solution.

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All of the engineers we know LOVE solving problems. If they’re not inventing something new, they’re figuring out how to make an old process, system, or item work better and more efficiently. Their minds work in incredible ways but, in our experience, when they’re down the black hole of working on a project, well… they may as well have a “Do Not Disturb” sign on their forehead. But don’t worry, they’ll emerge once they’ve come up with a solution!

Sure, engineers have a reputation of being a bit nerdy. But we personally love that they’re so focused and passionate about what they do. It takes a special kind of mind to be an engineer and we’re here cheering for the engineers in our lives!

In honor of the engineers we know and love, here are 18 quotes about engineers that will make you laugh, roll your eyes, or (if you’re an engineer) get inspired to start your next project! Display these on your letter board or any magnetic surface in our home or office. And don’t forget to share your favorite quotes and designs you create with us on social media!

  1. Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.
  2. “Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been.” - Albert Einstein
  3. Engineer: someone who gets excited about things no one else cares about and solves problems you didn’t know existed
  4. Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.
  5. Engineers solve problems If there are no problems available, engineers will create their own problems.
  6. I solve problems you don’t know you have in ways you can’t understand.
  7. Engineer: Because badass miracle worker isn’t a job title
  8. “I’m not arguing. I’m just explaining why I’m right.”  - Engineers everywhere
  9. Nothing makes an engineer more productive than the last minute.
  10. Engineers don’t think the glass is half empty or half full. They just think the glass needs to be redesigned.
  11. I’m an engineer. To save time, let's just assume I’m never wrong.
  12. Engineers are makers of history.
  13. How to get an engineer's attention: Say “There has to be a better way to do this.”
  14. Trust me. I’m an engineer.
  15. English is important. Engineering is importanter.
  16. First I drink the coffee. Then I do the engineering.
  17. If it isn’t broken, take it apart and fix it anyway.
  18. I’m an engineer. I can’t help it if you don't agree with me. I can’t force you to be right.

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