15 Hoppy Quote Ideas For Beer Lovers

Where are all of our fellow beer lovers at?! Do hops make you happy? Do boozy brews make you want to boogie? Do refreshing ales make you feel awesome? If you answered yes to all of those questions, we have the perfect quotes for your letter board!

We think that a cold pint of beer is best enjoyed on a warm summer day, while soaking up the sun, and enjoying time with friends. For us, beer pairs best with great conversation and maybe some yard games. And it’s even better if we’re on or by the water! Maybe you feel the same way we do - that beer is best with a group of great friends. Or maybe you like to pour yourself a cold one to go with a fantastic meal, after a long day or work, or all of the above. 

One other thing that we love about beer is that it’s a great way to support local! Did you know that over 98% of breweries operating in the United States are craft breweries? It’s a grass-roots industry and we’re here for it! You can visit CraftBew.com to find independent breweries near you. Drinking craft brews is a great way to support local wherever you are and whenever you enjoy a cold drink!

Beer is one of the oldest drinks on the planet. People have been enjoying it for literally thousands of years. We can understand why it’s survived the test of time… and we’re glad that it has so that we can keep enjoying it!

Whether you like light, crisp ales, tart sours, or a rich, dark stout, I think all of us beer lovers can agree that beer is meant to be enjoyed and savored. To that, we say cheers!

Here are 15 quotes about our favorite fizzy adult beverage that are perfect for displaying on your letter board in your kitchen, on your porch, or at your next backyard barbecue bash.

  1. Here for the Beer!
  2. Love is ale you need.
  3. Eternal hoptimist.
  4. Don’t worry, beer happy.
  5. Take a pitcher, it will last longer!
  6. Pitcher perfect.
  7. You are unbeerlievable.
  8. In pursuit of hoppiness.
  9. This is how we brew it.
  10. Wish you were beer!
  11. We can brew it!
  12. Thank you beer-ey much!
  13. Weekend forecast: 100% chance of beer!
  14. Beer cures what ales ya.
  15. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy beer and that's kind of the same thing.

Letter Board Quote Ideas for Beer Lovers

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