20 Quotes About Spring to Put Some Spring in Your Step

Spring has sprung!

When we think of spring, we think of sunshine, flowers in bloom, gentle breezes, bees buzzing, picnic baskets and blankets, and (the best part) the end of winter!

Spring is like the warm, glowing light at the end of a long, dark, wintery tunnel. After months of cold temperatures, rain, and, depending on where you live, lots of snow, spring brings with it the sunshine and happiness we all need! 

We love the fresh feeling of spring. As new life pops up from the ground, we feel the urge to take on new projects and begin new adventures. It’s the time of year to plan and plant our garden. We sew seeds and plant sprouts, choose colorful flowers and a variety of vegetables, with the hope of seeing them grow until we can harvest them throughout the summer and into the fall. In the spring, we start dreaming of fresh salads picked entirely from our own produce. We can’t wait to gather armfuls of bright, colorful blooms to arrange in vases around our home.

Quotes About Spring

If you’ve been here long, you also know we love lake life. Living by the water’s edge means that warm weather makes us long for days spent swimming in the water or exploring from our sailboat. The good news is that we live in the south and the water will soon be warm enough to enjoy!

To celebrate the transition to spring, we’ve gathered 20 spring quotes that will make you think of beautiful flowers, birds singing, and spending your days outside. Choose your favorites and add them to your letter board to bring spring cheer to your home all season long!

Happy spring, friends!

  1. The first blooms of spring make my heart sing.
  2. Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.
  3. Nothing seems impossible in the spring.
  4. Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
  5. A kind word is like a spring day.
  6. If we didn’t have winter, spring wouldn’t be so wonderful.
  7. Spring is here!
  8. I’ve got some spring in my step.
  9. Sorry for the things I said when it was winter.
  10. The best time for new beginnings is now.
  11. Let new adventures begin.
  12. Live like it’s spring, no matter the forecast.
  13. Live life in full bloom.
  14. Honey bees and flowers, please.
  15. Fresh breeze and warm sun.
  16. Happiness is waking up to a sunny spring day.
  17. Sunshine is the best medicine.
  18. Let you joy burst forth like flowers in the spring.
  19. I’m so glad cold season is over so allergy season can begin.
  20. Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden.
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