The Ultimate List of Summer Quote Ideas

Summer just might be our favorite season. And after a chilly, rainy, sometimes snowy winter, it’s certainly the one we look forward to the most!

There are so many things about summer that we love: days that stay light far into the evening, sunshine and warm temperatures, and flowers in bloom and fresh garden produce, just to name a few. 

Summer is also the perfect time for many of our favorite activities, such as relaxing at the beach with a good book, cooking s’mores over a campfire, jet skiing and wakeboarding, and going on family vacations to visit new places.

Summer reminds us of childhood memories. Long days of playing in the neighborhood and only going home for dinner, running through sprinklers and having water balloon fights, watching fireworks on the 4th of July, and feeling the sand under our toes while visiting the beach for vacation. 

Ultimate Summer Quotes

As adults, we love being the ones to host barbecues and family parties in the summer. We get to plan the family vacations and watch our son explore as he experiences new places. Plus, summer now comes with the option to sip delicious, cold adult beverages on hot days. 

We basically think everything about summer is great! And, since we love it so much, we’ve rounded up our favorite summertime quotes for your letter board. Mix it up all summer long with plenty of quote options to display for each summer holiday, vacation, or just to get into the summer vibe!